What we like about Fall


The Seasons come, the seasons go.  The long Winters we try to forget.  Spring is but a gentle breeze marking the awakening of nature and Summer whisks along at such a lazy pace that we wished it would never end.

Then there is the Fall.  Fall is at once cold and colorful.  Where high fashion meets practicality and the renewed sense of urgency returns to the air.  Some take the opportunity to renew friendships at the stadium tailgate while others relish in playing dress up on a chilly October day.  Beyond these seasonal favorites, how do you spend your Fall days?  If you have become stumped, try a few of these for thought starters:

  • Fall is a great time for personal reflection
  • The first quiet time after the kids go back to school
  • A time to learn new things
  • A time to start new things which might have long term consequence
  • A time to begin taking better care of yourself again

We encourage you to try a few of these on and see if they fit.  As well, let us highlight the fact that you need to take care of yourself ALL year long.  You know the story here:  Some things are easier to gain than they are to lose.  This also applies to damaged hair roots, overly dry skin, caloused feet, spent muscles… you know the story.

I think our Stylist Danyelle Feist-Simon expressed this best the other day, ” Think about taking only ONE hour out of the month for just YOU, Stop into Mode Salon and Day Spa, have a glass of wine with a pedicure, manicure, facial or massage.  Let the staff at Mode take care or you!  Keep calm and let Mode carry you on”

So there you have it.  Take some time out for yourself this season.  Relax and have some fun.  We look forward to helping you on your journey.

Mode Salon and Day Spa