Everyone can benefit from a new Hairstyle, a new Hair Color or even adding some texture to your hair.  Your hair often makes the first impression.  It’s the basics that count.  What is your hair saying about you?  Give Mode Salon a call today and make sure you and your hair are on the same page.

The Basics

Color & Cut – $105
Men’s Hair Cuts – $30
Women’s Hair Cut & Style – $45
Buzz Cut – $20
Bang or Beard – $10
Permanent Wave – $100
Spiral Perm – $100 & up
Children’s Cuts – $20 & up
Anti Curl – $100 & up
Shampoo Set – $50
Hair Cut – $30
Hair Trim – $20
Relaxer (First time) – $80
Relaxer (Touch up) – $75
Carefree Curl – $75
Hairline Relaxer – $20
Hairline color – $20
Color rinses – $20 extra
Children Hair Cuts
Girls 10 and under – $30
Boys – $20

Hair Treatments

The best pep talk your hair will ever get! The proof is in the results, and the results are dramatic
A hot oil or protein treatment with a wonderful head massage
Cleanses hair from Chlorine build up or chemical deposits, allowing hair to breath

Anti Curl is the way to go!  If you have curly, soft wavy, straight wave texture and you want a bone straight result or just loosen your curls for manageability, call to talk to your stylist.   $100 and up, depending on the length of hair.