Wedding trends this summer

Ladies it’s here, Summer wedding season is upon us. Every detail is important and the one detail you shouldn’t have to worry about is your hair. To most you wonder what do I want for my wedding. Well look no further as I am here to help you figure that out before your big day.

I have spent much of my time looking to see what looks brides and bridesmaids are choosing. Summer is the season to be romantic and keep your look simple and gorgeous.

I look around and I see most brides with a romantic look of body and soft curls. With this look you can add a piece of sparkle and wow your guests and husband to be with. You can keep the look romantic with it up as well.

Wearing your hair up on your wedding day is a look that most brides choose for their wedding day. This is a look that can be romantic and still keep the focus on your dress. With an up-do you can play with any look. With soft curls pinned up and texture your look can be fun and playful, or beautiful and romantic.

Amy Aziz

And if you are looking to add a little bit of something unique then you can take your own hair and have a little braid or twist added in your look. Remember, it’s only one day and you should have fun and play it up. But make sure you pick a look that you will love. And enjoy your beautiful day.

Aziz Wedding