Angie – The Artist at Heart at Mode Salon

Angie Noble came to us a few years ago from Arizona. She has a true passion for taking care of her Clients. We caught up with her on her break to get some of her thoughts.

Mode: So why did you get into this crazy industry?

Angie: I have always loved doing hair and getting my hair done. I am very artistic. I wanted a career where I could use my creativity. I also love making people feel good about themselves.

Mode: So what do you like most about doing hair?

Angie: I like to be able to replicate the vision that my client has for their hair, both cut and color.

Mode: What do you do when you are not doing hair?

Angie: I like hanging out with my friends and family, shopping and watching movies.

Mode: What would you like us to know that might surprise us?

Angie: I love drawing and painting with oils.

Mode: What beauty advice do you have?

Angie: Get your hair cut at least every 6 to 8 weeks even if you are growing your hair long. It is important to cut off the dead ends to keep your hair healthy!

Visit Angie at Mode Salon and get your Artistic Cut today.