Thinning Hair – Stop it

Our Clients ask us all the time, “What can I do to stop my hair from thinning?” Thinning hair affects both Men and Women and for years the only solutions involved rather harsh chemicals with potential side effects. The ultimate solution was to go for Hair Replacement Techniques which could be “semi-surgical” and also quite costly. There has also always been the stigma and suspicion that most solutions are not effective. Well as they say the times are a changing.

We have just brought a new affordable product by Joico called Clinicure. It is a multi step treatment process which begins in the Salon and includes take home treatments. Clinical studies found that 85% of people using the product were satisfied with their results after just one week. Clinicure makes different varieties of the product for both natural and chemically treated hair. You can read about it all and watch a video at the Clinicure Website. Give us a call to start your program today and start seeing your hair become fuller and much easier to style and manage.