New York Fall Fashion 2013

New York TaxiWe happened to be in New York City this past weekend, so of course we wanted to scope out the fashion trends for the season!  So here we go:

New Yorkers really know how to move with the seasons and the early sunsets start to bring out darker after work colors.  You will see a lot of dark over coats, waist to full length.  It doesn’t have to be leather, just WARM and fashionable.  They help them blend into the night!  But, color is not lost!  The trends this year are cream and beige colored tops, with COLORFUL Scarves!  You see them everywhere.  It’s the way to quickly dress up, while covering up.  Skinny stretch jeans are also status quo.

You can check out some examples we pulled together on our Pinterest site:

Bottom Line?  Be warm, be practical, but always remember to be fashionable!