Last day of Winter?

Ha!  We thought so much.  Seems as though this is the year of Winter’s revenge.  I know we’ve seen enough.  School closings, shifting schedules and now, POT HOLES!  One swallowed Rhonda’s car last week so Mr. Firestone will be seeing us soon.

Seems as thought the only solace is “what goes around comes around”.  The Polar Vortex has taken no prisoners this year, and even Florida and California are feeling it.  But again, we just see that as higher food prices!

So what can you do?  You can start getting ready for Spring anyway.  Here are a few suggestions before Spring Fever hits and we forget all of our winter woes.

  • Start Spring cleaning now.  Yes like you I am tired of wearing that same sweater over and over again.  It’s time to bag it up with the rest of your unused or overused stuff and get set to move it out.  You’ll feel better.
  • Make a list NOW of all the projects you want to do.  Create your task list and start clipping inspirational ideas to help get you motivated.  When Spring hits, if you are not ready, you could easily lose a month of progress if you are not prepared.
  • Join a gym if you have not already.  This winter has been particularly rough physically.  Two months flew by.  Time to get your summer act together.
  • Change something about yourself.  Change your hair length or color.  Change your nail polish.  Do something that gives you a strong sense of creativity and control.
  • Take care of yourself.  Time to put down the “comfort food” and slim down your diet.  De-stress with a massage or pedicure.  Put the phone down and go out for a “real” laugh.  “Lol’s” don’t burn calories.

Mother Nature was not very gentle this Winter, but you can do a few things to help you recover and forget her unkindness.  Try a few of these ideas out and let us know how it went.  In the meantime, be of good cheer.  Warmer days are ahead!