For Rhonda, Beauty is a State of Mind

To say Rhonda Hayes can do hair is an understatement. But Mode Salon’s award-winning Stylist from New York City cares as much about the lives of her Clients as she does about their hair style. An individual Tour de Force, spending time in Rhonda’s chair is an experience. We caught up with her for this short interview.

Mode: What made you get into doing hair?

Rhonda: At a very early age, I was fascinated by the art of styling hair. It was very easy for me to comprehend and I felt very comfortable and natural doing it. I also love people.

Mode: So what do you like the most about it?


  1. How creative I can be
  2. How flexible and unpredictable the job is
  3. The smile on my Client’s face when I do an awesome job
  4. And last but not least… The different people I come in contact with everyday is exciting

Mode: So what do you do to get away from all the excitement?

Rhonda: I watch a lot of TV! Everything and anything! Or I go shopping with my two beautiful children.

Mode: What don’t we know about you?

Rhonda: When I lived in Grenada in the West Indies, I taught Preschool before moving to America. I was also a Pageant Girl!

Mode: What beauty advice do you have?

Rhonda: Love yourself and try to live a stress free life. Your body and total image will reflect it.

Rhonda can be seen most days at Mode Salon. Our advice? Book early and book often!

Rhonda behind the chair