Fall Fashion 2011

I recently made a trip to New York to check out the Fall Fashion scene.  Buckle up!  This is what I found:

The new trend is Feathers:  Feathers on clothes, shoes, jewelry.  Anywhere you can apply a Hint of Color, Feathers are the way to go.

Long beautiful earrings, chunky cultured necklaces, hand cuff bracelets, pearls Pearls, PEARLS…shiny, simple, natural or gaudy.  All will do.

Fall Fashion

Color – lots of deep rich dynamic colors are in.  Burnt red-orange, Indigo blue, yellow, smokey grey, Jet black and more.  Color blocking is also creative and it’s back – different shades of color from the same family on the same skirt of blouse.Fall Fashion

Scarfs, swags, capes, crop sweaters are in. layer, Layer, LAYER:  Nice sweater fabric on the outside, silk or shim-ice blouse on the inside.  The more the merrier.

Skinny jeans and lots of leggings are still in.  The fancier the better.  The glitz and glamor ones are more dressy:  Like orange, gold, green, electric blue, army green and indigo denim.  These are very easy to do.  Buy a pair of plain leggings, go to the fabric store and pick up some accessories such as buttons, eyelets, lace, cords, diamonds and put them on the leggings.  A little bling goes a long way.

Bags and shoes – Tall fitted, riders style with buckles and zippers.  Brown and natural or black leather.  Different color shoes are in:  nude, shiny or patent leather black, purple, blue.  Rainbow colors are in, the more the better.  If you can’t swing the heels, just get something comfortable for you.


I know 🙂   Lots of options!!  Just go for it and pick the style that’s suitable for you!


Rhonda Hayes is a Master Stylist, former resident and frequent visitor to New York City