Control the Frizz

Do you ever feel like the weather is beating you in the hair battle against frizz?  Well don’t worry because I am here to help you fight back.  When it comes to products that can put moisture back in your hair you need to always remember to watch how much you use because you could go from frizz to an oil slick!

Products that are more of an oil versus a product and are sprays can always be your best bet.  The products you see that are a spray and heat protectant can have alcohol in it, and that can be one thing that can do more damage than protecting.  A product that I would highly recommend is Agadir Argan Oil, available at Mode Salon.  This product will add shine and protect your hair’s true integrity.  But remember to watch how much you put in your hair.  If you have fine hair you will want to use a dime size or less.  With medium to thick hair you can use anything from a nickle size to a quarter size in your hair.  The only other thing you must watch when using this product is to make sure you don’t put too much in your root area as it could get too oily.  Focus mainly on your mid length to ends. You can use this product on your hair wet or dry.  It will protect it from the heat and help your fly-aways.  And remember you can use your straight iron to soften and smooth your hair out when taking on the warmer weather.

Another way to help fight against the dry frizz look is to know you don’t have to wash your hair everyday if you feel you can.  Your natural oil that your body produces is good for your hair.   For some people washing your hair every day can dry your hair more.  And if you feel you can’t make it more than every other day washing then that is okay as well.  When you do feel like washing try to use a shampoo and conditioner that is hydrating at least once to twice a week.  This will condition your hair to a healthy state that you will be loving.

My last tip for you to keep your hair healthy and frizz free is to really try to avoid the products with alcohol in them. They might say they are a heat protectant but can sometimes make your hair feel dry and damaged.  Also know that you shouldn’t use hairspray when straightening your hair.  If you think about it, hairspray makes your hair stiff and hold it’s shape.  That is fine when you are done styling but not before.

So get out and enjoy the warm weather and don’t let the frizzies get you down.