Spa is not an option!

Mode Salon started out in 2003 primarily as a Hair Salon focused on delivering Premium Hair Care Services for all hair types. We still have a strong hair following and the “word on the street” is if you want to get your hair done the right way, go to Mode.  A few years ago we started offering extensive Spa Services such as Massage, Skin Care and Nails. This has opened up many new avenues and we now regularly have out of town visitors come to us just for Spa.

The common misconception is that Spa Services are really luxury services. We think of them as Wellness Services, particularly in these uncertain times. We all tend to neglect some aspect of ourselves which if done long enough can amount to real issues later on. Massages are therapeutic. Facials are rejuvenating and Pedicures promote good foot health.

So next time you are thinking, “I can’t afford or don’t have time for the Spa”, instead think ” I really CAN”T afford to do without taking care of myself”.

Health is not a luxury. Make a date to take care of yourself today.