Pinterest and Back to School


It’s been a long hot summer.  Let’s say that again…  IT’S BEEN A LONG HOT SUMMER!   I never thought I would be looking forward to cooler days.  But today I find myself loving the cool mornings and a projected high of 80 degrees!

Back to school comes but once a year but this time it’s special for us.  Our oldest is off to full day kindergarten.  Yeah!  Dreams abound of a quiet house with no Power Rangers or Transformer Rescue Bots cartoons blaring.  Ah the silence.

So for me,   I am looking forward to having a few more minutes to reconnect with the things that always gave interest to my life.  For this I like two sites:  Pinterest and Fancy.   Now Facebook is nice for staying in touch and commenting on current events, but these two sites are different.

At first, like Facebook, I didn’t get it.   Why would I want to see a seemingly random mashup of someones images with seemingly no meaning.  It seemed senseless until I got it.

You see, I can tell you what I like to do, where I like to go and how I think.  But if I play 5 songs of my music collection, you have a much better chance of “getting” me.  The same goes with photos.  If I show you what I like to see on the outside, you will have a much better chance of understanding what is going on on the inside.

Creatives use this all the time, for inspiration and to remind themselves of who they are.  Which brings me Back to School and my suggestion to you:   Sometimes we have to give more of ourselves than we ever thought possible and unless you have a source of renewal and continuous learning,  you risk losing track of who you are.  Sites like Pinterest enable you to re-energize, rediscover and share who you are with those in your life.  It’s easy to get started.  I am sure there is something there you will find yourself connected to!  You can even check out my Fancy and Pinterest boards if you like.

What do you use to renew and re-energize?  Do you use Pinterest or something else?  And what you plan to do for Back to School?

See you in School 🙂