Extensions – The Long and Short of it

With the Awards Season past, we look back at all the Starlets on the Red Carpet and behind the Microphones and ask ourselves….Was that her hair? Well, yes it was… in a manner of speaking…

You will find that the majority of aspiring and established stars at one point in their lives have donned Hair Extensions. Just think about it…how fast do you think they can get ready for their next big role? After all, hair only grows 1/2 inch per month. You can make your hair look longer by using tricks like wearing a Turtleneck….but who wants to wear one of those everyday!

The real trick is Hair Extensions. They are as commonplace enough in contemporary society today that they should be considered as a choice in the modern woman’s wardrobe. But just like any fashion, there are guidelines to know to get the best results. Here are a few:

First: A common misconception: Hair Extensions use real hair. There is a place for “non-real” hair in the beauty industry, but its primary use is for braiding not extensions. So, is it real? Yeah, it’s real.

Second: Price = Quality. There ARE different grades of hair used for extensions. Make sure your Stylist is offering you the best choices to choose from. Better hair will wear better and keep up better…it will also look more natural, which in this “On-Stage” world is the proof in the pudding!

Third: Your Stylists skill level and Technique will make all the difference in the world in how long and how natural your Extensions look. Make sure He or She has years of experience. There are times for experimenting and shopping for the lowest price, this is not one of them.

Fourth: It seems like a new Technique is invented every year to do Hair Extensions. They come down to 3 main branches of techniques: Gluing or Bonding, Weaving and Fusion. Glue in Hair should only be used in a pinch for special occasions, since it will come out the first time you wash it. Weaving techniques generally last up to 2 months with regular maintenance while Fusion techniques can last up to 6 months. Not all techniques can be used with all hair types, so again, make sure you ask your Stylist before committing.

Fifth: Like most things, Hair Extensions will need maintenance. Some form of periodic tightening might be necessary or for longer applications, simply maintaining consistency of color between your hair and the extensions will be required. Proper maintenance can also help prevent avoidable problems such as hair breakage.

Lucky for you, Our Master Stylist Rhonda has done Hair Extensions at Mode for many years and developed her skill set as a Stylist in New York City. She has done work for Business Women and On-Air Personalities alike using the So.Cap Fusion Method as well as traditional Weaving. If you are looking for true expertise, give Mode Salon a call and set up a consultation. You will be glad you did.

No matter what goals you aim to achieve with Hair Extensions, be it giving your hair a break from chemicals, going low maintenance in the summer, giving your hair a chance to grow without stress breakage or just going Glam on your own Red Carpet, get the facts about Hair Extensions, and go for it!

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