Spring hair fashion continued

As summer approaches you see more girls going from sleek and straight to soft and wavy. The bohemian look is always fresh and a fun look that can be worn just about any way. Accessories can always be fun when it comes to your hair, but accessorizing with your hair can make your look so much more fun and exciting.

I will be talking you through two more looks that will have you ready for this summer. They can be worn together or separate depending on the look you are going for that day. Our first look will be the beach waves. With this look you will be ready to go outside for any activity or a fun date with the guy you like:

  1. You will need a 1″ flat iron
  2. Section your hair so it’s easier to work with your iron.
  3. Take 1″ sections or smaller (otherwise this won’t work) and your flat iron. Starting at the root twist around your iron until a light wave forms.

    Flat Iron sections
  4. Continue throughout until all your hair is done.
  5. When finished run your fingers through. If too curly quickly run your iron through to soften. Then spray some gel over your hair and you are ready to rock the town.

    Wavy look
Waves from the back

Now that you have your waves, how about we accessorize with your hair braided in a headband. It is a look that will have heads turning. You will never have to buy a headband again once you get this look down:

  1. First you will need to decide where your starting point will be and how thick your braid will be.
  2. Once you have your braid where you want separate into three pieces and crisscross over each other.
  3. Then choosing which outside piece to start with grab some hair and cross it over the middle piece.
  4. Continue throughout until you have your braid at your desired place. Take a couple bobby pins and crisscross over one another and you have one of the coolest headbands around


Now that you have your waves and headband you can hit the town shopping, go to the pool, or even out on a picnic. You will be looking like a model right out of this summer’s fashion magazines and making the town your runway.

Ready to go out!

Michelle Konieczny is a Stylist at Mode Salon