Spring Cleaning

It’s Spring again and we hope Mother Nature has no more surprises in store!  Here are a few things we recommend from Mode Salon to get you ready for the new season.  We have divided them up into Body, Mind and Soul, with some resources to go along with each.  Feel free to explore!


Get a new Hair Color.  Spring is the time of year when the flowers bloom and so the first thing we recommend on our list is a new Hair Color.  As we say Color Adds Life!  You don’t want to be outdone by the flowers do you?  Let your vibrancy speak for you.  Our Colorist, Rhonda La.Guerre can do wonders for your hair.  Get noticed and make a statement that you are ready to play!

Get a new Hair Cut.  Treat your hair like the grass.  Stimulate it’s growth by a quick shape up.  If you are adventurous, go with a completely new hair style!

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Get a Hair Conditioner.  A professional conditioner done at a Salon can help to deep clean your roots and re-condition your scalp after a long harsh winter.  You should have this done at the change of every season.

Exercise.  If you have not started yet, start now.  Timing is everything.  The general rule of thumb is in four weeks, you will see a difference.  In eight weeks, those close to you will see a difference and in 12 weeks, acquaintances will notice a difference.  Where will 12 weeks of dedication put you?  Right at the beginning of Summer.  You don’t have to go to the gym either. Next to swimming, walking is the most natural fitness exercise you can do.  Better yet, find a partner to walk with!  Combine this with a little strength and stretching and you will be ready for the world.  It does NOT take a lot of expense.  Check out this Kettle Ball and Yoga Mat from Five Below

Spring walking


Read a Book.  Now that the days are getting longer, there is more available light to read by.  Get this one done before you consider going to the beach this summer.  Put down the remote control and take a step back from Social Media.  Spring is a time for new ideas as well and since you will be meeting new people, this will enable new and engaging conversations.  Want to get started with tailored recommendations?  Head on over to Goodreads.

Spring Reading

Learn a new Language.  Again, nothing starts a good conversation like expressing your interest in learning a language.  Here in Indianapolis, we have many cultures to mingle with.  Some of the border cities around the country such as New York, Miami, San Antonio or San Francisco almost demand that you know a bit of a second language.  This is not a hard one either.  Just download an App like Duolingo on your phone and you soon be able to check this one off too.

Spring festival


Work on your goals.  This is the best time of year to reaffirm your commitment to the goals (You did set goals right…?) you set at the beginning of the year.  You have more say so over your life than you realize.  Making sure you are on track will help you strengthen your self confidence and your positive belief that you do make a difference in this world.  Need a little help focusing on your goals?  Our sister company at Modern Images can help Coach you through.

Meditate.  Your peace of mind is important to your overall well being.  Connecting with yourself will help you concentrate more and worry less.  Better yet, go pick up some incense and burn it during your session.  Those focused on re-balancing your Chakra’s are particularly effective.  Check out this Guide to Meditation to help you get started on what could be a lifelong journey.

Laugh.  What’s the best medicine in the world?  Laughter.  Come on, it’s not that serious.  The old saying is “I’m laughing just to keep from crying”.  Life has endless opportunities to laugh.  The ridiculous is everywhere.  Can’t find it?  Head to a comedy club or try Comedy Central


Get out there!

These are just a few ideas to help you get started.  Spring Cleaning doesn’t just involve power washing the driveway or planting flowers anymore.  What other activities, suggestions or ideas do you have?  We would love to hear from you.  Happy Spring!