Great Fashion is just a Closet away!

Zoe Renee is a local Indy Fashion Designer, Personal Shopper and Closet Organizer. She stopped by Mode Salon to share her insights on how she helps people get the best out of their closets:

Hi Zoe, You have touched upon just about everything in the world of fashion. From Jewelry to clothing design and personal styling. What motivated you to get your start and how do you hold it all together?

I have always been interested in self expression and fashion. I feel the two go hand and hand. Fashion is wearable art, and I am an artist. I am a very creative person and am constantly coming up with ideas from designing to styling. My brain never seems to stop. It seems only natural that I would involve myself in all aspects of the fashion world.

I started out as a personal shopper after graduating college, then I dabbled in modeling as a hobby which led into fashion styling and creative direction on photo shoots. Some people saw my work which then led into Fashion Production. I actually started designing in High School.

Tell me a little bit more about Personal Shopping. This is a big service in place like New York and LA, but we don’t see that much of it in Indy.

With technology and travel today you can live anywhere and style all over the world. I am offering a new service remote styling where I can style anyone anywhere in the world from the privacy of my own home.

Personal shopping is catering to one specific client, whether it is to help pick out an outfit for a specific event to a unique gift for that special someone. The most common misconception of personal shopping is that it is only for celebrities. That is untrue, personal shopping can be for anyone from a stay at home mom, to a teacher, to a celebrity. I work within all budgets.


Going along with Personal shopping, you also do Closet Organizing. Personally, I think knowing your closet forms the basis for a person’s own unique fashion sense. But many don’t have a clue as to how to go about it. What process do you use? How do you help your clients decide what’s in and what’s out?

Having your closet as your sanctuary can definitely help inspire you when getting dressed.

There are many steps to closet organization and personalization. I listed a few below, I can’t give away all my secrets “wink”.

  • The first step in the process is to meet with the client to get a feel for who they are and what they are looking to get out of the experience. This 30 minute consultation is offered free of charge to each new client.
  • The next step is going through the closet with the client to determine what items to keep, what items to discard or re-purpose. Then we discuss organization (organize by season, occasion, length, color etc.).

I have my clients try on the items in their closet, let them see what fits, how it looks on them and then we discuss it. If they can’t live without it and it looks good it is a keeper. If we can’t decide, it is a maybe and we will go back to it later.

I choose what is a keep based on how it looks on them, how they feel when they have it on, what it can be paired with and how current it is to their wardrobe today.


Many people are very attached to the things in their closet. How do get people to let go of them?

I simply ask them is this something you can’t live without? Does it fit? What is keeping you from letting it go?

If it is sentimental let’s keep it, and find a new use for it. If it’s a special t-shirt lets frame it or put it into a special project. Let’s use that piece to help personalize your space rather than clutter it. It is a very therapeutic experience.


Are there any items that just might be in people’s closets right now which are coming back on the scene?

I think everyone has some special treasures in their closet that are hidden. It’s amazing the things that are found in a client’s closet. There are always a few surprises. I can’t tell you how many times clients say “I love this, I forgot I had that”. In fashion everything comes back.

When I re-work a closet I like to take things people already have and show them what they can do to create a new outfit or show them a different way to use a piece a way they never thought of.


After a closet re-org, do you recommend a shopping spree? Or just a vacation for your clients?

Shopping is definitely in order after a closet re-organization. One of the steps during the process is to make a list of things we need to replace and things that are needed to finish a wardrobe.

I give each client the option to have me take them shopping or for them to do it on their own. I offer different packages with options which can be tailored to the client, their budget and their life.


What’s next on your busy agenda?

I have upcoming photo shoots, client styling, traveling and fashion shows coming up this fall, wardrobe. Working on some new items for both my pet jewelry line (Zaney’s by Zoe) and One-Of-A-Kind Pieces by Zoe Renee. I am also getting everything ready for my big move to New York City for 2012.


Any parting thoughts?

My goal in closet organization is to have the client coming out of this experience feeling that their closet is their sanctuary; somewhere they can go to escape from daily stresses. I want it to be very personal, to feel more like a room then just a storage space. I want the client to be able to shop their closet the way they would a store.

Other Services and Packages available upon request.

Thanks Zoe. I am sure our readers will want to give you a try!

Check out Zoe on her Facebook page for more information